Étienne Balibar and Pierre Macherey have encouraged and challenged me
in innumerable ways, opening up paths that I am still exploring. I couldn’t
have written a book like this without their help and generosity. I also want
to acknowledge one of this work’s absent causes. In the summer of 1983, a
few months before his unexpected death, I spent a week with Michel Pê-
cheux translating “Discourse: Structure or Event” page by page as he wrote
it. I remember every word of the extraordinary conversations we had, and
they helped shape my view of Althusser and of his philosophical moment.
I discovered Althusser with G. M. Goshgarian many years ago, and, for-
tunately, we continue to argue about his texts even today. I have benefited
in many ways from his help and expertise. Gregory Elliot, whose work
transformed the study of Althusser in English, has been a great friend and
My comrades and friends who make up the editorial collective of Dé-
calages have provided the kind of community in which thought flourishes:
Aurelio Sainz Pezonaga, Juan Pedro Garcia, Filippo Del Lucchese, Vittorio
Morfino, Giorgos Fourtounis, Jason E. Smith, and Matt Bonal. I want to
express my gratitude to the founders of Rethinking Marxism, especially Jack
Amariglio, David Ruccio, Antonio Callari, and Rick Wolff, who have been
supportive of my work from the beginning.
I also want to acknowledge the following people without whom the
book would not have been what it is: Nancy Armstrong, Yann Moulier
Boutang, Sebastian Budgen, Alex Callinicos, Michel de Certeau (1925–
1986), Won Choi, Dan Fineman, Alain Gigandet, Michael Hardt, Spencer
Jackson, Mateusz Janik, James Kavanagh, William Lewis, Jacques Lezra,
François Matheron, David McInerney, Pierre- François Moreau, Antonio
Negri, Jason Read, Elisabeth Roudinesco, Juan Domingo Sanchez, Hasana
Sharp, Michael Sprinker (1950–1999), Ted Stolze, Peter Thomas, André
Tosel, and Maria Turchetto.
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