The enormous wealth of good will and intelligence needed to complete
a book comes from many sources, some of them far removed from the
author herself. I begin by thanking my earliest supporters, without
whom I would never have thought to venture this far. They include my
graduate school colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin, Lisa L.
Moore and Neil Nehring, who persevered in the face of much con-
servative political resistance to this project within my own department.
I am indebted to the initial advice and encouragement of Susan Glenn,
who remains a respected colleague and friend and an exemplar of femi-
nist teaching and scholarship. The early years of my thinking about
this project were also enabled by the friendship and love of a worthy
group of women, including members and fans of the ‘‘Yam Queens’’
women’s softball team: Kathryn Baker, Kate Adams, Kim Emery,
Shelly Booth Fowler, Denise Majorca, and Gail McDonald.
Many friends and scholars took the time to comment on or o¤er
much needed criticism of this book as I was completing it. I am espe-
cially grateful to members of my feminist writing group, including
Priscilla Wald, Susan Glenn, Christine di Stefano, Shirley Yee, and An-
gela Ginorio, for reading every draft of every chapter that appears here,
and then some. I am warmed by their company and instructed by their
conversation. Very special thanks go to Priscilla Wald, who more than
anyone else promoted my work on this topic and remains a valued col-
league. Carolyn Allen was peerless in her unwavering support of me as
both friend and colleague. I will never forget her tireless support of and
commitment to untenured feminist scholars at the University of Wash-
ington, and I will certainly never be able to express properly just how
grateful I am for her example.
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