al-Aqsa Arabic, literally “the more remote,” but re-
ferring to the entire Muslim religious complex en-
compassing the Dome of the Rock and the Aqsa
Mosque in Jerusalem
Ateret Cohanim Hebrew, literally “the Priestly crown,”
the name of a religious nationalist organization
whose purpose is to settle Jews in East Jerusalem
and the Muslim quarters of the Old City
bayan Arabic, “proclamations, reports,” but also
meaning “patency, obviousness”
al-Buraq Arabic, also al-Buraq al-Sharif, or “noble Bu-
raq.” The name of Muhammad’s steed, it is by tra-
dition also the name given by Muslims to the site
Jews commonly refer to as the Western, or Wailing
Wall in Jerusalem. Muslim tradition holds that it is
at this site that Muhammad tethered Buraq on his
night journey, known as the Isra to the Aqsa.
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