Writing about border crossers and the transimperial milieu they inhabited re-
quires lots of international travel. Like Antonio Machado’s (and Joan Manuel
Serrat’s) caminante, I have walked along many roads in the pro cess of writing
this book. And while I have not sailed a hundred seas, researching the lives of
many who actually did has taken me to multiple archives and libraries on both
sides of the Atlantic. In the pro cess I have acquired many debts, met lots of
wonderful people, and turned several libraries into my personal office.
Cornell University and the University of California, Irvine (uci), the two
institutions that I consider my academic homes, provided most of the finan-
cial support that made this book pos si ble. Funds from Cornell’s History De-
partment and the Society for the Humanities covered a postdissertation trip
to Colombia’s National Archives in 2013. Cornell’s Institute for the Social Sci-
ences gave me the physical space and time I needed to finish the revision
pro cess. Grants and fellowships from uci’s Humanities Center, the School of
Humanities, the Center in Law, Society and Culture, and the All- uc Group
in Economic History allowed me to conduct archival research in Colombia,
Spain, and the United Kingdom. A residency scholarship from the Escuela
de Estudios Hispanoamericanos made research in Seville’s Archivo General de
Indias (agi) pos si ble.
Archival research cannot be conducted without those who retrieve the
documents from their hidden underground repositories. The staff of London’s
National Archives and the friendly and collaborative employees of Seville’s
agi provided invaluable help. In Colombia’s Archivo General de la Nación,
I benefited from the expertise of research room director Mauricio Tovar and
the whole staff. I am particularly grateful to Ana López, Fabio Castro, Rovir
Gómez, Anhjy Meneses, Zenaida López, Fredy Duque, Enrique Rodríguez,
and Doris Contreras for guiding me when I had little idea of how to find what
I was looking for.
My intellectual debts are many. Since 2012, I have been part of a superb
academic community where I have found many friends and even more critical
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