In order to facilitate access to films and videos that are less readily avail-
able, those distributed by Women Make Movies and Video Data Bank
are noted as such. Women Make Movies can be contacted at 462 Broad-
way, Suite 500, New York, New York 10013, (212) 925-0606. Video Data
Bank can be contacted at 112 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
60603, (312) 345-3550; Video Data Bank’s compilation tape Video against
AIDS includes many important aids activist videos. Another vital re-
source for aids activist videos is the Royal S. Marks Collection of aids
Activist Videotapes at the New York Public Library.
Bastard out of Carolina. Angelica Huston. 1996.
Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community. Greta Schiller. 1985.
Bhangra Jig. Pratibha Parmar. Women Make Movies, 1990.
Black Is, Black Ain’t. Marlon Riggs. 1995.
Boys Don’t Cry. Kimberly Peirce. 1999.
The Brandon Teena Story. Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir. 1998.
Brincando el charco: Portrait of a Puerto Rican. Frances Negrón-Muntaner. Women
Make Movies, 1994.
DiAna’s Hair Ego: AIDS Info up Front. Ellen Spiro. Women Make Movies, 1989.
Doctors, Liars, and Women. Jean Carlomusto and Maria Maggenti. 1988. On Video
against AIDS. Video Data Bank, 1989.
Earth. Mehta Deepa. 1999.
Fast Trip, Long Drop. Gregg Bordowitz. 1993.
Fire. Mehta Deepa. 1996.
Flesh and Paper. Pratibha Parmar. 1990.
Forbidden Love. Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman. Women Make Movies, 1992.
Girlpower. Sadie Benning. Women Make Movies, 1992.
Greetings from out Here. Ellen Spiro. Video Data Bank, 1993.
Hallelujah! The Ron Athey Story. Catherine (Saalfield) Gund. Aubin Pictures, 1998.
The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love. Maria Maggenti. 1995.
Internal Combustion. Alisa Lebow and Cynthia Madansky. Video Data Bank, 1995.
(In)Visible Women. Marina Alvarez and Ellen Spiro. Women Make Movies, 1991.
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