This edition of Marcus Rainsford’s An Historical Account of the Black Empire of
Hayti is the work of a crew of formidable sleuths and scholars. Grégory Pier-
rot has been a close friend and collaborator throughout. Without his spirited
conversation and relentless curiosity, Rainsford’s book may have remained
entombed in the mausoleum of history. Annotations by him and Scott Hagle
helped resurrect it. Preparing and correcting the typescript required the
labor of a spirited team: Dana Van Kooy, John C. Leffel, Krystal McMillen,
and Michele Speitz. I received generous support from the Center for Humani-
ties and the Arts at the University of Colorado for travel to collections in
Kingston, Jamaica, and London. In both places I benefited from the immense
cunning of many archivists, researchers, and activists, among them James
Robertson, Julia Gaffield, Kesia Weise, Jillian Pazereckas, Jack and Maren
Youngquist, Charles Campbell, Colonel Frank Lumsden, and Evan Williams.
Timely historical help came from Roger Norman Buckley, David Patrick Geg-
gus, Carolyn E. Fick, and Laurent Dubois. Sara Arnold of the Gibbes Museum
conjured Toussaint Louverture’s miniature image from oblivion. Carol Aiken
made it permanently visible. Ken Wissoker and Leigh Barnwell at Duke Uni-
versity Press gave this book its lease on life. The press’s anonymous reader
brought it strength and beauty. Finally, nothing would ever get done without
the love and support of a few wondrous people: Jeffrey N. Cox, Frances Bot-
kin, Sajay Samuel, Samar Farage, Erika Polson, Joanne Youngquist, and Cait-
Rose.—PAul Youngquist
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti was the topic of countless
conversations with Paul Youngquist before he had the idea to propose this
edition. For this and the journey that followed I am very grateful to him.
Thanks to Aldon Nielsen for his continual and crucial question, “Why is Haiti
always being rediscovered?” Alain Bernheim, Gerard Besson, and Jacques
de Cauna provided invaluable information regarding the intriguing life of
Philippe- Rose Roume and his descendants, who deserve more attention than
we could give them here. Thanks to Marie- Lucie Vendryes for her help in
locating the Toussaint Louverture miniature attributed to Rainsford. Sara
Marzioli’s translation helped us follow Rainsford throughout European news.
In my work for this edition I have been supported by several institutions at
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