This anthology has benefited considerably from the active involve-
ment of Susanne Kappeler over the years that it was beillg assembled.
She played an important role in commenting on the essays, and thus
in the shaping of the anthology as it exists. We thank her for her
ongoing commitment to this project and for the personal support she
offered. We are grateful to Patricia Lamb Feuerstein and Marti Kheel
for the use of the Feminists for Animal Rights bibliography, which
we built upon in compiling the bibliography of feminist approaches
to animal issues. We also wish to express our thanks to Marilyn
Emerick, Batya Bauman, Joan Dunayer, and the Animals' Agenda for
their help in preparing the bibliography. We would like to acknowl-
edge Bruce Buchanan, Greta Gaard, Steve Kellman, Stanley Fish, Jane
Tompkins, Rachel Toor, and Katherine Malin for their contributions
to the production of this book. The editors would also like to express
their appreciation to one another for making the process of collabora-
tion such an enriching and stimulating experience.
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