Postings from Anthropologies to Come
Pebbles, Sparrows, Labyrinths, and Ethnographic Vignettes
As a kind of methodological exercise for anthropologies to c
initial vignettes may pry open the reflexive, transnational, and
circuits of cosmopolitanism, before considering the varie
meso, and micro scales through which lively cosmopolitic
compose themselves. The view from Bandung, Tehran, and
can help open the global portfolios of anthropologies to com
pological futures.
These postings back and forth between past and future an
gies are matters of method, so to speak, that is, nascent, expe
and musical, not yet routinized, deadened, or subject to m
reproduction (though certainly digitally sampleable and re
able). In other words, in good hands, they are culturable, inv
and seeds for future returns, anthropological futures from a p
point of view.
I: Reflexive, Transnational Circuits of Cosmopolitanism
The human condition in its plurality.
Vignette One: Reading Hannah Arendt in Tehran, February
Why, in 2007, Hannah Arendt (she died in 1975)? Why in T
few background sticking points: Invited to give talks at the In
Philosophy in Tehran, I was intrigued by a graduate student
writing a dissertation on Arendt and by others who seemed t
interesting. Was this, I mused, confirmation of Danny Poste
Paradigm essay, Reading Legitimation Crisis in Tehran (2006)
he noted the interest of Tehran intellectuals in liberal, ra
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