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Aboriginal inhabitants: nonracial/raceless
society myth in postapartheid South
Africa and, 186
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Africa: amalgamation and federation in
British Central Africa, 154–60; Indian-
African relations in, 162–65; Indians in
British Central Africa, 146–73; Orien-
talism and racial stereotypes concern-
ing, 63–68; racist classifications under
colonialism in, 267–68. See also spe-
cific African regions, e.g. Northern
African Americans: Indian immigrants
and, 224, 234–35; racial classification
of, 234–35
African National Congress: core culture
and nation building in South Africa
and, 189–93; Indian support for, 166–
69. See also regional congresses, e.g.,
Northern Rhodesia African National
African Physically Defective Society, 168
Afrikaners: attitudes toward Indian immi-
grants among, 148–52; British amal-
gamation and federation plans and,
159–60; core culture and nation build-
ing in South Africa and, 187–93,
194n.26; nationalism of, 154; nonra-
cial/raceless society myth in post-
apartheid South Africa and, 184–87;
South African identity politics of, 182
Age of Consent Bill: Indian nationalism
and, 59n.141
Ahimsa doctrine, 237
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Akhbarnawis, 117n.28
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (All-
India Student Association), 239
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