Without the direction and inspiration provided by the work of Marc
Angenot, a leader in discourse analysis and a superb teacher, this book
would not have been possible. I am also greatly indebted to the writ-
ing, teaching, and friendship of George Szanto, who undertook the
task of encouraging and clarifying my project from beginning to end.
Over the years, the writings of Timothy Reiss and Wlad Godzich have
been crucial; their support for my work invaluable. Darko Suvin and
Paisley Livingston helped with their readings of earlier versions, and
Reynolds Smith guided me through the final form with judiciousness
and generosity. Stephen Barber masterminded the index. A fellowship
from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
provided me with the much needed time to complete this work.
For their friendship, judgement, and unfailing sense of humor, I
would like to thank my colleagues Lesley Higgins, from York Univer-
and Linda Hutcheon. Finally, my family has been wonderful, as
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