N.B.All translations are mine, unless otherwise indicated.
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3 Many important works have cleared the way for this kind of research. M. Foucault
in the archeology of knowledge; C. Levi-Strauss and R. Barthes in mythology;
L. Prieto in semiotics; M. Angenot, R. Robin, and D. Maingueneau in discourse
analysis; P. Bourdieu, J. Dubois, and C. Duehet in sociocriticism; J.-P. Faye in the
history of discourse; G. Genette. T. Todorov, and
Kristeva in narrative semiotics:
all have variously explored the horizons of a new perception of discourse, no longer
considered as the expression or representation of reality, but rather as the very
locus of its social construction.
4 The term intertext and its derivations have served as banners for a multiplicity of
problems and methods of research. Within the field of literary studies, it sometimes
serves to designate the transformations or repetitions operated by a text in rela-
tion to others which have preceded it: from this perspective, citations. variations
on a theme or a character, and pastiches or the simple reproduction of the rules of
a genre constitute an intertextual network linking the text to the literary field as
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