The journey through the Russian North that I present in this book has unfolded
over many years. During that period I have experienced the generosity of many
individuals and organizations, both in the United States and in Russia. I will not
attempt to place order on my memory; rather, the names are listed as they come to
me: Dr. James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress, for many years of interest in
my work and for providing the support that sent me to so many remote corners of
Russia; Dr. Dan E. Davidson, president of American Councils for International
Education, who has done so much to keep me in the field; Dr. Blair A. Ruble, for-
merly director of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies in Wash-
ington, who supported many publications of my fieldwork. Tulane University
has over the years provided the essential base for my work. Specific projects and
periods in the Russian North have been supported by the John Simon Guggen-
heim Memorial Foundation, the National Humanities Center, the National En-
dowment for the Humanities (with their excellent magazine Humanities), the
National Council for East European and Eurasian Research, and the American
Councils for International Education. Special thanks are due to the Photographic
Archives (now Image Collections) at the National Gallery of Art, which has
housed the basic collection of my photographic work since 1985 with the steady
guidance of curator Andrea Gibbs.
In Russia I am daunted by the challenge of acknowledging the generosity of so
many people, a number of whom are no longer with us: Dr. Aleksei I. Komech, di-
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