I wish to thank all of those who
provided me with support and guidance during the writing of this book. Two
colleagues, Steven Totosy and Djelal Kadir, deserve special thanks. Steven has
supported my work for over ten years, and I continue to be thankful for his
guidance as well as his sense of humor. Djelal has been a wonderful friend,
mentor, and interlocutor. My deepest thanks to both of them for their support
at crucial moments in my career and for their continued engagement and
commitment to my work.
I am especially grateful for Henry Giroux’s support and his dynamic intel-
lect. His notions of social agency and educated hope helped me refine my ideas
about Dorfman’s aesthetics and politics. I found that simply talking to him
gave me renewed energy, and I am thankful for his generous spirit.
While teaching at Illinois State University, I had the good fortune to connect
with a number of colleagues who continue to give me guidance. I am especially
grateful to Robert McLaughlin, who supported the article on Dorfman that
appeared in the Review of Contemporary Fiction and that ultimately led me to
begin writing this book. Diane Urey read chapters and gave her wise advice and
warm friendship. Ron Strickland has been guiding this project for years, begin-
ning with our co-edited issue of Mediations and culminating recently when he
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