At the first mention of each literary work in a chapter, I give the original title in
italics, followed by the title in English when the original is in Spanish. When
translations are available, I give their titles in italics. Subsequent references to
the text use only the English title of the work when an English translation is
available. Otherwise, subsequent references are to the original Spanish followed
by translation into English in roman type within parentheses. For example:
1. Original in English: Heading South, Looking North
2. Original in Spanish, no translation published in English: El absurdo en-
tre cuatro paredes: El teatro de Harold Pinter (The Absurd within Four
Walls: The Theater of Harold Pinter)
3. Original in Spanish with a translation published in English: Para leer al
pato Donald: Comunicación de masas y colonialismo (How to Read Don-
ald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic).
Citations, except where otherwise noted, always include the original version.
When that version is in Spanish, it is followed by a translation into English.
Page references are given in the text for all citations. When a page number
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