1 Dorfman mentions relatively little about his sister in his memoir. In fact, despite
revealing many intimate details about his own life, he tends to avoid describing
much about his family and loved ones.
2 Dorfman attributes the reclassification to David Rockefeller in his memoir (Head-
ing, 27). He later realized that such was his father’s recollection and that it had to
have been Nelson (e-mail communication from Dorfman).
3 This chapter uses the memoir as a source of information especially about Dorfman’s
early life. Even though I point to moments when readers should be skeptical about
the details o√ered by Dorfman in his memoir, detailed analysis of the text itself as a
form of life writing is provided in chapter 5.
4 Douglas Kellner explains the di≈cult terminology relating to the topic of ‘‘media
culture.’’ In his opinion, and mine, ‘‘media culture’’ more adequately describes the
form of culture that is mass-produced and mass-consumed. Rather than refer to this
culture as ‘‘mass,’’ which suggests a value judgment between high and low culture, or
as ‘‘popular,’’ which could mean that it is of the people, the term ‘‘media culture’’
refers more specifically to the conditions of production and dissemination of these
cultural forms and makes a clear distinction between this type of ‘‘low’’ art and that
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