I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all
of the current and former Afterimage staff members who helped to make this
anthology happen. These include Lynn Love (former managing editor), Nadine
McGann (former coeditor). Karen vanMeenen (current managing editor), Glo-
ria H. Sutton and Judith Nicholson (Nathan Cummings Foundation editorial
and Anne Martens and Christine J. Russo (Visual Studies
Workshop interns). I'd also like to thank Ken Wissoker for his great patience,
David Trend for his encouragement and suggestions, and of course Nathan
Lyons, for founding, and continuing to support, such an important publication.
This anthology could not have been possible without the work of the editors,
editorial staff members, designers, and interns who commissioned, edited,
designed, fact-checked, and published these articles. They include Becky
Bautch, Martha Chahroudi. Ruth Cowing, Charles Desmarais, Aimee Ergas,
Brad Freeman, Lucinda Furlong, Bill Gaskins, Martha Gever, Catherine Hig-
gins, Kurt Jones, Lorraine Kenny, Carol LaFayette, Patricia Lester, Rebecca
Lewis, Verna Long-Baumgarten, Catherine Lord, Joan Lyons, Laura U. Marks,
Scott McCarney, Dan Meinwald, Peter Mitchell, Tom Ognibene, Susan Dodge
Peters, Lincoln Pettaway, Roy Robbennolt, Ellen Sanders Robinson, Annie
Searle, Cylena Simonds, Anna Sobaski, Michael Starenko, David Trend, Bar-
bara Warrick-Fischer, and Charles A. Wright Jf.
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