esearch and writing of this book were made possible by
International and Area Studies Fellowship provided
jointly by the American Council on Learned Societies, the
Social Science Research Council, and the National Endow-
ment for the Humanities; a Fulbright- García Robles grant;
two Loyola University New Orleans Faculty Research
grants; a Marquette Fellowship from Loyola University
New Orleans; a Senior Faculty Research Award from San
Francisco State University’s College of Behavioral and So-
cial Sciences; and a grant from San Francisco State Univer-
sity’s Health Equity Institute.
Colleagues provided invaluable feedback on the manu-
script at various stages. I am especially grateful to my long-
time comrade Tony Platt, who critically commented on
several drafts, and to accomplice extraordinaire, the art-
ist Maris Bustamante, who offered her unique insights,
opened many doors, and provided tequila when it was most
needed. I also thank other colleagues who generously gave
their time to read and comment on all or parts of the manu-
script: Tomás Almaguer, Chris Bettinger, Rosana Blanco
Cano, Howard Campbell, Héctor Carrillo, Andreana Clay,
Jessica Fields, Velia García, Karen Hossfeld, Alejandra Oso-
rio Olave, Clare Sears, and Immanuel Wallerstein.
I was fortunate to have the assistance of several wonderful
student researchers: Alex Brown, Celina Gómez, Jeff Guhin,
and Erica Sánchez at Loyola University New Orleans and
Alan Gutirrez at San Francisco State University.
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