We embarked on this project in 2005. It has taken some years to come to
fruition, and more could be written even on the eve of publication, for
the political terrain on which counter- currents can be forged never re-
mains still. Along the way a number of people have helped us to clarify
our arguments. We thank Jonathan Darling, Shari Daya, Michele Lan-
cione, and Helen Wilson for helping to source material for some of the
chapters; Laurent Frideres for so expertly finalizing the references; Peter
Wissoker for improving the legibility of the manuscript; and Courtney
Berger for guiding us through the various stages with tact and commit-
ment. Above all, we thank the two anonymous readers for critical but
always helpful suggestions to sharpen and clarify the argument.
Parts of chapter 7 are drawn from Nigel Thrift, Non-Representational
Theory: Space, Politics, Affect (London: Routledge, 2007), with permis-
sion of the publisher.
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