Joseph P. Balaz is editor of Ho'omanoa: An Anthology of Contemporary Hawaiian
Literature (1989), which is composed entirely of ethnic Hawaiian writers creating
works predominantly in the English language. He was also a contributing editor on
the advisory board to Hawaii Review: Aloha Aina, a collection with a similar theme
(1989), and editor of the Hawaiian journal Ramrod. His poetry has appeared in
Hawaii Review, Wisconsin Review, and Chaminade Uterary Review.
Chris Bongie is assistant professor of English and comparative literature at the Col-
lege of William and Mary. He is author of Exotic Memories: Literature, Colonialism,
and the Fin de Siecle and is currently working on a study of Francophone Caribbean
writers entitled Islands and Exiles: The Creole Identities of Post/Colonial Uterature.
William A. Callahan is director of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program
at Rangsit University in Putumtani, Thailand, and editor of Asian Review. He is now
working on two books: Imagining Democracy: Reading the Events of May 1992 in
Thailand and Confucian Ideology in Transnational Space.
Thomas Carmichael is assistant professor of English at the University of Western
Ontario. He writes on postmodern American fiction and postmodern theory and cul-
ture. His articles have appeared in various journals, including University of Toronto
Quarterly, Canadian Review of American Studies, and Contemporary Literature.
Leo Ching is an assistant professor in Chinese Studies at Duke University. He com-
pleted a dissertation on Japanese colonial discourse at the University of California,
San Diego.
Chiu Yen Liang (Fred) is lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist College. Trained as an anthro-
pologist, he has taught courses on ideologies and social movements, the sociology
of work and industry, and organization and management analysis. He is founding edi-
tor of Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies (Taipei, Taiwan) and Tiananmen
Review (Hong Kong). He is currently working on a book that theorizes the historici-
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