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8. “Wendy Nguyen.” As with many children of garment workers, Nguyen helped
her parents with their work at home. Her job was to “flip collars and pockets.”
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11. In this book, I use fashion industry as an umbrella term encompassing a broad
range of designers, retailers, marketers, advertisers, journalists, and textile and
apparel manufacturers, as well as their go- betweens who work to produce, pro-
mote, and sell clothes.
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14. Affiliate links are hyperlinks that have an additional function. When a viewer
clicks on affiliate links, the links take them to another website as well as place
“cookies,” or small files of data specific to a par ticular retailer, on the viewer’s
computer. If the viewer then buys any item from that retailer’s site, the blogger
earns a cut— typically a 4–8  percent commission. Superbloggers who attract
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