I wish to thank Perdita Schaffner and the New Directions Publish-
ing Corporation for permission to publish
I also wish to
thank Mrs. Schaffner and the Yale Collection of American Litera-
ture, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University,
as well as the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, for
permission to quote from unpublished H.D. material in the Intro-
duction and Appendix.
Any serious editing project is a collaborative effort, and I have
benefited from the advice of many persons within and outside the
community of H.D. scholars. From the start, the wisdom and sup-
port of Susan Stanford Friedman and Louis H. Silverstein have been
invaluable; they read drafts of the introductory material and made
suggestions about problematic details in H.D.'s text. I am also grate-
ful for the kind encouragement of Perdita Schaffner.
I would like to thank D. Thomas Benediktson and Eileen Greg-
ory for information about H.D.'s classical allusions; Corinna del
Greco Lobner, Jane Nicholson, and Vibeke Petersen for advice about
H.D.'s use of foreign languages; and Louis H. Silverstein, Charles
Timbrell, and Caroline Zilboorg for biographical information about
H.D. and her friends. Thanks also to Joanne Cornell, Michael
Davis, Lars Engle, Norman Grabo, Monty Montee, Mary O'Toole,
and Omar Pound for reading portions of this text and providing
helpful criticisms.
was Gary Burnett who first made me aware of
our early conversations about H.D. were an inspiration and
a spur.
Thanks also to Diana Collecott, Joseph A. Kestner, David
Walton Litz, John Logan, Claus Melchior, Adalaide
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