In writing this book, I received guidance, solace, inspiration, and stim
tion from many friends and colleagues. Molly Hite, Mary Jacobus, Dor
Mermin, Satya Mohanty, Paul Sawyer, and Harry Shaw provided va
seeds for thought at the formative stages of my graduate training, a
hope they will see connections between my work and their superb teac
Srinivas Aravamudan pointed me toward a needed rethinking of ‘‘su
stition,’’ Mark Scroggins provided a trustworthy editorial eye, Gayle
encouraged me to address the suppressed topic of Asian women in the
chapters, and K. Scott Wong provided feedback and needed backgr
material on the Chinese American chapters. In addition, Marianne N
Terry Rowden, and many of the friends acknowledged below read and c
mented on parts of this book at various stages.
Since my arrival at George Washington University, Maxine Clair, Ro
Combs, David Hackett, Ronald Johnson, Jim Maddox, Daniel Moshen
Faye Moskowitz, Jon Quitslund, Judith Plotz, Ann Romines, Jane S
and Chris Sten have provided invaluable mentoring, strategic support
friendship. With Edward Caress, Donald Lehman, and Linda Salamon
department chairs have been responsible for leaves that helped to move
work toward completion. Miriam Dow, William Griffith, Linda Kauf
Phyllis Palmer, and Ruth Wallace provided tips about leave policies at a
cial time. Constance Kibler and Lucinda Kilby provided additional help
humor in practical office matters. The book was written with the sup
of the University Facilitating Fund and the Junior Scholar Fund of Ge
Washington University.
Sau-ling Cynthia Wong brought her sharp critical mind and sen
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