Audible Empire: Music, Global Politics, Critique emerged from the activities
of the interdisciplinary Music- Race-Empire (mre) Research Circle, which
we or ga nized at the University of Wisconsin– Madison in 2009. The Research
Circle was made possible through the generous funding of uw’s Institute
for Regional and International Studies (formerly International Institute) and
its Global Studies program, which supported the Circle from 2009 to 2012.
We wish to thank Amy Stambach, the former Director of Global Studies, who
originally approached us with the idea of or ga niz ing the Research Circle, and
Gilles Bousquet and Guido Podestá, the former and current vice provost
and dean of the Division of International Studies, for making it possible.
Over the course of its institutional life, the Research Circle benefited from
the unflagging support given by a number of uw staff. We’d like to single
out here, in par ticular, Steve Smith, former associate director of Global
Studies, who not only provided unremitting guidance, but also enabled us to
begin a major, public research project that will ultimately document the pro-
duction and global circulation of pop u lar music between 1890 and 1940. We
are similarly indebted to Scott Carter, the Circle’s project coordinator, who
worked with diligence and distinction in managing communications and
programming activities and who played an important role in compiling the
manuscript. Caitlin Tyler- Richards prepared the final, revised manuscript for
submission and publication.
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