What is now a book began as a casual discussion.
That discussion then progressed through various
stages, including seminar paper, dissertation, and
draft manuscript. Along that way I have received
counsel, aid, and intellectual and emotional support
from many generous people and several fine insti-
tutions. Although I may leave out some important
names, please know that even those people not men-
tioned are due gratitude and have my sincere appre-
I extend deepest thanks to the University of
Michigan, the Committee on Institutional Coopera-
tion, Williams College, and Dartmouth College for
their financial and institutional support over the life
of this project.
Thanks also are due to the many people who have
helped me shape the ideas of this project. Among
those whose vibrant intellects guided me in the early
stages of this work are: Michael Awkward, Alan
Wald, Sandra Gunning, Earl Lewis, Rafia Zafar,
Lemuel Johnson, and David
Smith. Cecilia In-
fante deserves special recognition for believing in
this project at moments when even I did not.
My students at Williams College and Dartmouth
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