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List of Chinese Characters
Note: Character names are listed only where the names are explicitly discussed in the
text. Entries are listed by first Chinese character, rather than by pinyin letter-by-letter
aichou melancholy 哀愁
aiqing tragic love 哀情
aiqing xiaoshuo tragic-love fiction 哀情小說
aiqing romantic love 愛情
anfen obedient 安分
beizhuangde gushi tragic stories 悲壯的故事
biantai perversion, pervert 變態
bu fen distinguishing (colloq.; 不分  not
i.e., between T and po
gender roles)
cai (literary) talent
cainü talented woman 才女
caizi-jiaren scholar-beauty romance 才子佳人
cangliang desolate 蒼涼
chou sorrow
chuan zong jie dai continue the family line 傳宗接代
dazhong the masses 大眾
danchun simple, pure 單純
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