Abelove, Henry, 226n.23
adolescence, feminine: cultural inven-
tion of in China, 34, 35; cultural in-
vention of in Japan, 33, 35; Freudian
accounts of homosexuality and, 53,
73; as a period of sexual socializa-
tion, 73, 144
Ai nu (Intimate Confessions of a Chinese
Courtesan) (film), 211n.57, 249n.10
Andreadis, Harriette, 228n.53
anime: shojo ai or GL genre, 23–24
Aoyama Tomoko, 33
Asian Lesbian Film Festival, 248n.1
AT17 (band), 164
audience research (film and tele-
vision), 106, 118, 120–21, 138–42,
164–65, 182–83, 195–96, 242n.70,
242–3nn.8–9, 245n.26, 245–46n.33,
Aw, Annette, 249n.9
“Bai she” (White Snake) (Yan Geling
novella), 211n.57
Be With Me (film), 184
Beckett, Samuel, 78
Bei Yi (Taipei First Girls’ High
School), 24–25
Beijing Sisters activist group, 189
Belinda (Edgeworth novel), 221n.82
Bellow, Saul, 78
Bernink, Mieke, 241n.65
Bing Xin, 39
Birth of the Wizard (film), 212n.70
“Boy in the Pink Orchid Tree, The” (Lin
Yuyi story), 224–25n.14
Boys Don’t Cry (film), 126, 132, 240n.47
Brooks, Peter, 99–100
Brossard, Nicole, 228n.50
Brother, Dear Brother (manga), 212n.67,
Butler, Judith, 142–44, 247n.47
caizi-jiaren (beauty-scholar) narra-
tives, 36–37, 217n.34, 217–18n.45,
Camus, Albert, 78
Cao Lijuan, 25, 182. See also “Tongnü
zhi wu”
Carter, Julian, 214n.5
Chang, Eileen, 26, 66, 70–72, 224n.11,
229–30n.75, 230nn.80–82. See also
“Jinsuo ji;” “Liu qing;” “Qingcheng
zhi lian;” “Tongxue shaonian dou bu
. . .
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