Notes on Contributors
Lisa Fluet is an assistant professor of twentieth-century British literature at
Boston College. She is completing her book Expertise:TheNewClassChar-
acter in the Twentieth Century.
Laura Frost is an associate professor of English at Yale, where she teaches
twentieth-century British and comparative literature and gender studies.
She is the author of Sex Drives: Fantasies of Fascism in Literary Modern-
ism. She is currently at work on a book on modernism and pleasure, and a
project on narrative and September 11.
Michael LeMahieu is a visiting assistant professor of English at Clemson
University, where he teaches twentieth-century American and British lit-
and the philosophy of language.
Heather K. Love teaches twentieth-century literature and gender studies at
the Universityof Pennsylvania. She has published on modernist, queer, and
transgender topics in glq,NewLiteraryHistory,FeministTheory,Postmod-
ernCulture, and Transition. She is finishing a book titled ‘‘Feeling Backward:
Loss and the Politics of Queer History.’’
Douglas Mao is an associate professor in the English Department at Cor-
nell, and the author of Solid Objects: Modernism and theTest of Production.
He is currently at work on a book about human development and aesthetic
environments in late-nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature.
Jesse Matz is an associate professor of English at Kenyon College. The au-
thor of Literary Impressionism and Modernist Aesthetics and The Modern
Novel: A Short Introduction, he is currently at work on two projects: one on
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