he take pleasure in thanking the Humanities Center, the Lit-
erature Program, and the Department of English at Harvard Univer-
for sponsoring the ‘‘Bad Modernisms’’ conference, which helped
to launch this volume.Warm thanks also to Matthew Bremer, who designed
the beautiful poster for that event. In the making of Bad Modernisms, we
are grateful to Marjorie Garber, Barbara Johnson, Joseph Litvak, Henry S.
Turner, Evelyn Schwarz, and ChipWass for their intellectual generosityand
warm support from the beginning and to the anonymous readers for Duke
University Press, who made the book better at the end. Finally, our thanks
to Taryn Okuma, Sara Phillips, and Christopher Schmitt, who assisted us
with the preparation of the manuscript, and to Ken Wissoker, Courtney
Berger, Kate Lothman, and Katharine Baker who welcomed and nurtured
the volume at Duke.
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