archival sources
Archivo General de Centroamérica (agca), Guatemala
Inspección General de Trabajo–Correspondencia (igt-c).
Hermeroteca, Hojas Sueltas (Herm/HS), bundled by year.
Archivo Historico (ah), Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (sre), Mexico
Archivo Nacional, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
British Public Records Office (bpro), Kew
co 123 233. Confidential dispatch from Governor Wilson to the secretary of state for the
colonies, London. 3 August.
co 123 240. 1902a. Dispatch from Governor Wilson to Colonial Office, London. 13 February.
. 1902b. Letter from Henry Keith to Governor Wilson, transmitted in dispatch to
Colonial Office. 13 February.
. 1902c. Letter from Fairweather, Cuthbert, and Woods, unofficial members of the
legislative council, to Colonial Office. 6 March.
. n.d. Colonial Office minute paper commenting on letter from Fairweather, Cuthbert,
and Woods.
co 123 255. 1907. Confidential dispatch from Governor Swayne to secretary of state for the
colonies. 19 April.
co 123 261. 1909. Dispatch from Governor Swayne to Colonial Office accompanying draft
agreement with United Fruit Company for co approval. February 11.
co 123 267. Report of the Committee on Landing Rights for Submarine Cables on the appli-
cation by United Fruit Company for permission to establish a wireless telegraph station
in British Honduras. Marked confidential. 10 December.
co 123 268. 1911a. Letter from C. H. Ellis to Governor Swayne, dated 28 February, transmitted
with Swayne’s dispatch to Colonial Office. 29 May.
. 1911b. Confidential dispatch from Governor Swayne to secretary of state for the
colonies. 29 May.
co 123 271. 1911. Correspondence between Colonial Office and House of Commons concern-
ing unplanned expenditures on the Stann Creek Valley railway. 11 July.
co 123 284. 1916. Annual report for 1915 on the Stann Creek railway, submitted by railway
superintendent. April.
co 123 291. Dispatch from acting Governor Walter to Colonial Office. 1 April.
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