philippe bourgois is Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthro-
pology, History, and Social Medicine at the University of California, San Fran-
cisco. His most recent book, InSearchofRespect:SellingCrackinElBarrio (1995,
Cambridge University Press), won the C. Wright Mills Prize and the Margaret
Mead Prize, among others.
marcelo bucheli has a Ph.D. in History from Stanford University, where he
currently lectures.
darío a. euraque teaches Latin American Historyat Trinity College in Hart-
ford, Connecticut.
cindy forster has worked with immigrant-rights groups and labor unions
in San Francisco and teaches Latin American History at Scripps College in Los
Angeles County.
lawrence s. grossman is Professor and Head of the Department of Geog-
raphy at Virginia Tech. He has conducted research on peasants and agrarian
change on St. Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean, in Kenya, and in Papua New
mark moberg is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of South Ala-
bama and has conducted research in the banana industries of Belize and St.
laura t. raynolds is Associate Professorof Sociologyat Colorado State Uni-
versity. Her research focuses on globalization, agrarian restructuring, alter-
native trade networks, and gendered labor forces in the Caribbean and Latin
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