If the measure of one’s riches is people—the help and friendship one re-
ceives from others—I am one of the richest persons on earth. I have so
many people to thank for making this project possible, and for improving
how it turned out.
In Chile, the numbers of people who helped are so many I cannot list
them all. I am deeply grateful to every person who consented to an interview,
a conversation, or an argument; to the people who provided documents
from their personal archives; to the sta√s of the archives, documentation
centers, and libraries; to the human rights activists and the victim-survivors
who inspired and challenged me. My colleagues at Facultad Latinoameri-
cana de Ciencias Sociales (flacso)–Chile provided an o≈ce base, intellec-
tual exchanges, and contacts; a library and network of expert transcribers of
interview tapes; and a supportive human environment. I owe particular
thanks to Claudio Fuentes, José Olavarría, and Marisa Weinstein for sup-
port, intellectual advice, sharing of research, and, in Marisa’s case, research
assistance; to Magaly Ortíz for organizing a network of people, including
herself, to produce interview transcripts; to María Inés Bravo for her amaz-
ing flacso library and ability to find materials; to Enrique Correa and
Francisco Rojas for institutional support; and, most especially, to Alicia
Frohmann and Teresa Valdés, for their intellectual engagement and sugges-
tions, their generosity with useful contacts, and their personal a√ection and
friendship. Alicia’s help extended from everyday discussions in her o≈ce at
flacso, to comments and critical suggestions after reading a first draft of
the first and third books of the trilogy. Teresa worked through ideas at almost
every stage of the way, generously shared contacts and her Mujeres Por La
Vida archive, and o√ered a helpful critique of an early formulation of ideas.
At the Fundación de Documentación y Archivo de la Vicaría de la Soli-
daridad, the most important memory and human rights archive and library
in Chile, I owe a special thanks to three amazing women who o√ered
warmth, knowledge, and access to their documentary treasure: Carmen
Garretón, María Paz Vergara, and Mariana Cáceres. I owe similar thanks
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