We are deeply indebted to Emily Wilson, Roy Dicks, Ken Druse, Nancy
Goodwin, Peter Loewer, Judy Goldman, and Allen Lacy for their coun-
sel and support. Allan Armitage, Larry Mellichamp, Bobby Ward, and
Doug Ruhren were invaluable for their help with nomenclature and
general assistance. We are indebted to Warren Way III and his sister
Elizabeth Rogers, literary executors of the Elizabeth Lawrence estate,
for enabling us to republish Elizabeth Lawrence’s columns, and to the
librarians in the Carolina Room of the Charlotte Public Library, whose
patience we tested with endless questions about the microfilm machines.
Finally, we are grateful to Reynolds Smith, the executive editor for
Duke University Press, whose encouragement, wit, and enthusiasm
greatly facilitated the completion of this work, and to Katharine Baker,
assistant managing editor, whose patience and skilled editing expedited
the publishing of this collection.
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