This book resulted from a complex network of people, dispersed both geo-
graphically and temporally. I give thanks to all of them.
This work began when I was a graduate student at Harvard’s Department
of the History of Science, and I am particularly grateful to Peter Galison, who
first encouraged me to follow my interest in digital media and histories of
knowledge and vision. He has been steadfast in encouraging new forms of
scholarship and experimentation throughout my career. I also want to give
special thanks to David Rodowick, who was critical in introducing me to new
ways to think about media and the productive and imaginative potentials
of engaging with critical and poststructural theory. Allan Brandt and Charis
Thompson were ever- supportive readers, and provided intellectual guidance
throughout. My fellow graduate students also offered support and intellectual
inspiration, both during my time at Harvard and, perhaps more significantly,
afterward. I am particularly grateful to Sharrona Pearl, Colin Milburn, Carla
Nappi, Jimena Canales, Debbie Weinstein and Hannah Shell.
I was fortunate enough to have a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke Univer-
sity from 2006– 2007 at the John Hope Franklin Center, dedicated to digital
media and its study. I profited enormously from the prolonged engagement
and support of a wonderful working group headed by Timothy Lenoir and
Priscilla Wald, both of whom provided an incredible environment for encour-
aging new forms of scholarship and who have continued to be immensely sup-
portive of my scholarship. I also benefited greatly from input and exchange
with numerous members of the group, particularly Robert Mitchell, Cathy
Davidson, David Liu, Harry Halprin, and Mitali Routh.
At the New School for Social Research (nssr), Eugene Lang College, and
Parsons School of Design I have enjoyed being in a truly emergent environ-
ment, where change and intellectual experimentation has been regularly en-
couraged by my colleagues and friends. I want to thank the members of the
Visual Culture Working Group, who have provided an intellectual bedrock
since my arrival. Victoria Hattam, Deborah Levitt, David Brody, Janet Kray-
nak, Margot Bauman, Pooja Rangan, Jeffrey Lieber, and Julie Napolin have
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