One of the singular pleasures of completing a project of this nature is
the opportunity it provides to thank the numerous individuals and in-
stitutions who have helped in its making.
It is a pleasure to express my indebtedness to Parama Roy, who read
this work from its earliest stages. Over the years, her exacting standards
have been equaled only by her unmatched intellectual generosity and
critical wisdom. I cannot thank her enough for asking the questions she
did. I am indeed fortunate to have had her as my advisor, and I remain
thankful for her continued friendship and mentoring.
My thanks to Joseph Childers for his critical input and support of
my work. Had it not been for his innovative approach to the nineteenth
century, I would have arrived at it very differently. I am grateful to Lisa
Lowe for her feedback on very early stages of this project and for her
support long after. George Haggerty has been a wonderful teacher and
mentor, for which many thanks. For all her encouragement of my work
and the joy of her company, my thanks to Piya Chatterjee.
My deepest thanks to all those who have read this work in vari-
ous sections or forms. My thanks to Jennifer Brody for receiving the
manuscript so warmly and for her help at critical moments. Geraldine
Forbes’s comments on a version of chapter 3 and her help with some
details has meant a lot to me. Bishnupriya Ghosh remains a wonder-
ful ally, and I am grateful for her insightful comments and unwavering
support. Inderpal Grewal has read and supported this work at various
stages, for which I remain grateful. Many thanks to Kumkum Sangari
for reading a version of the manuscript in its entirety and for her
suggestions and friendship. Mrinalini Sinha read sections of
this work at a later stage; I truly appreciate her support. It was a won-
derful surprise to receive Richard Sorabji’s very generous response to a
version of chapter 3. I remain thankful to James Vernon for supporting
this project at an early stage and for some very helpful suggestions.
Rosemary George, Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, and another reader for
Duke University Press have been incomparably generous with their
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