This book is an attempt to address a series of imperceptible movements,
modes of becoming, forms of change, and evolutionary transformations
that make up natural, cultural, and political life. I have called these move-
ments ‘‘becomings,’’ but what it is that becomes, and what it becomes, are
less clear and less interesting than the movement itself. Movement does not
attach to a stable thing, putting it in motion; rather, movement preexists the
thing and is the process of di√erentiation that distinguishes one object from
another. I am interested in the processes that make and unmake objects,
whether these are natural objects, manufactured objects or those objects
that live and experience.
These various forms of movement, forms of accomplishment or actual-
ization, constitute material and living things. This book explores the condi-
tions under which material and living things overcome themselves and
become something other than what they were. It elaborates the di√erence
that constitutes things, including subjects, and that structures the relations
between things. Things undergo becomings, which transform them in
ways which are unpredictable and irreversible. These becomings are the
testament to the di√erences that constitute whatever identity things—in-
cluding subjects, living beings—might have. Becomings complexify, trans-
form, overcome in ways that are measurable but also imperceptible. I will
look at how change occurs, that is, how di√erence elaborates itself, whether
it is at the level of material and natural objects and forces, or at the level of
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