This book would not have been possible without the e√orts of many others.
I would like to thank my colleagues in the women’s and gender studies
department at Rutgers University for the support they have given me in my
far-flung researches. I have had a most conducive environment to think
about feminist questions and feminist texts. This has been enhanced by a
semester in the women’s studies program at Duke University, where I
completed this book. And through my ongoing engagements with the
Centre for Women and Gender Research at the University of Bergen,
Norway. My special thanks to colleagues at all three institutions for their
interest and provocations. I would like to single out Rey Chow, Ed Cohen,
Joanne Givand, Tone Lund-Olsen, Ellen Mortensen, Lillian Spiller, and
Robyn Wiegman for their friendship and support during the writing of the
various chapters that make up this book; and particularly Luce Irigaray and
Doreen Reid Nakamarra, whose works not only absorbed me during this
project but who were generous enough to speak with me about their very
di√erent but also surprisingly connected work. These discussions proved
indispensable for this project. I have learned from the advice of Claire
Colebrook and Nicole Fermon in writing this book. My heartfelt thanks for
their detailed readings of the text. I would also like to thank Courtney
Berger, my editor, who has worked generously and enthusiastically with me
over a number of di√erent texts. Nicole Fermon not only helped review the
manuscript but also to inspire the hope for the future that this book exam-
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