Many people have helped me during the preparation of this book. In
particular, I owe a debt of gratitude to Paul Ginsborg, under whose
guidance the project began. He has been both an example to me and an
unfailing source of advice and constructive criticism over the years. I
also wish to thank David Ellwood, Franco Minganti, Maurizio Vau-
dagna, Judith Adler Hellman, Stephen Hellman, David Forgacs, Graham
McCann, Martin Conway, and Darrow Schecter, all of whom were good
enough to comment in detail on earlier drafts of part or all of the manu-
script. It is not possible to mention by name all those who were kind
enough to share their opinions or experiences with me, but I should like
to put on record my gratitude to the following: Luigi Arbizzani, Saveria
Bologna, Ugo Casiraghi, Ennio Correnti, the late Pier Paolo D’Attorre,
Piero De Sabatta, Fidia Gambetti, the late Michele Pellicani, Catia Maz-
zeri, Patrick McCarthy, Marisa Musu, Alfio Neri, Patrizia Tabossi, the
late Antonello Trombadori, and Albertina Vittoria. Katia Pizzi was an
invaluable source of help and encouragement while I was researching
this book. I owe much of my knowledge of Italian popular culture to her.
Thanks must also be expressed to the staff of the Gramsci Institutes
of Bologna and Rome, where much of the documentary research was
undertaken. My mother, Doreen Gundle, was generous with material
support in the early stages of my research and, with my sister Alison, has
been patient in waiting to see the results. The Social Science Research
Council (now Economic and Social Research Council), the Fondazione
Einaudi, and the British School at Rome provided financial assistance, as
did Churchill College, Cambridge, which awarded me a junior research
fellowship that was instrumental in granting me the opportunity to de-
velop the work.
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