Archival Sources
Archive of the Partito comunista italiano, Istituto Gramsci, Rome
Minutes of the meetings of the directorate, 1944–58
Minutes of the meetings of the cultural commission, 1948–58
Papers concerning L’Unità and Vie Nuove
Papers of the Tuscan Federation of the pci
Published documents and conference proceedings of the pci and arci
Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers
Calendario del Popolo, Il, labor movement weekly
Cinema Nuovo, left-wing film periodical
Contemporaneo, Il, left-wing cultural journal
Critica marxista, Communist theoretical and policy journal
Cronache del cinema e della televisione, Catholic media journal
Democrazia e diritto, Communist-area journal of law and society
Emilia, left cultural journal
Epoca, news weekly
Espresso, L’, news weekly
Famiglia Cristiana, Catholic illustrated weekly
Muzak, pop music and New Left politics
Noi Donne, magazine of the left-wing women’s association (udi)
Nuova Generazione, Communist youth journal
Nuovi Argomenti, left cultural journal
Oggi, illustrated weekly
Ombre rosse, New Left politics and culture
Ore libere, Le, magazine of arci
Pagina, Socialist-area discussion journal
Panorama, news weekly
Politecnico, Il, left-wing cultural periodical
Quaderni piacentini, New Left theoretical journal
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