appendix c Vlax-Lovari Romani Glossary
This glossary of the Lovari dialect of Romani is much more limited than already
existing dictionaries and is meant only as a quick reference tool for readers who may
not have time to look farther. I have limited it to terms that appear in the text,
especially those shared with other Vlax dialects in Russia. The reader is referred to
other texts for grammatical paradigms: for extensive treatment of Lovari grammar
in Poland, see Pobozniak 1964. For Russka (Xeladytka) dialects, see Ventsel 1966
and Maxotin 1993. For Slovak and Carpathian dialects, see Hubschmannova and
Sebkova 1991 and Romano Racs 1994. For Kelderari, see Demeter and Demeter
1990 and also Boretsky 1994. On Vlax, see Hancock 1995. See also Sampson 1968.
—Verbs are given in 3rd p. sing. present indicative (root + -el), as there is
no infinitive standardized in Romani (Demeter and Demeter [1990]
give 1st p. sing. [root + -av]).
—Adjectives are given with feminine -i ending (-o is masc., -e pl.) merely
because it is already conventional to transpose ‘‘Romani’’ from Romani
shib to generalize, as in ‘‘the Romani people.’’ In the text, only adjectives
and nouns describing people decline according to gender or number
(‘‘one Machvano man,’’ ‘‘several Machvaja,’’ ‘‘a Lovari girl’’). Nominal
forms are sometimes given (Lovar [sing. masc.], Lovarka [sing. fem.]).
But note that in Kelderari, the -ari su≈x is neither adjectival nor feminine
(i.e., Kelderari = Kalderash male). For simplicity, the text uses adjectival
‘‘Kelderari’’ (rather than Kelderashitska) and ‘‘Lovari’’ (rather than Lova-
ritska) to refer to people and dialects, unless quoting.
aba (adv) Already, hardly
abjav (n) Wedding (also bijav)
akana(k) (adv) Now
ame (1st p. pl. pronoun) We
amari/-o/-e (1st p. pl. poss.) Our. ‘‘Amari shib’’ (our language)
anav (n) Name
ande, and’ (adv) In. ‘‘And’ jekh than,’’ lit. in one place, together. ‘‘And’o
kher’’ (in the house)
avel (v) S/he comes
baxt (n) Luck, happiness, fortune, grace. ‘‘Sar e baxt? So del tuke o Del
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