I want to express gratitude first to those Roma in Russia who made time for
me, namely the Jankeschi family, and to the Saporronji and Rruvoni, to
whom I owe hospitality and grateful thanks. I am also beholden to Lev N.
Cherenkov, Vladislav Petrovich Demeter, Nadezhda Demeter, and Olga
Stepanovna Demeter. I am especially grateful for the guidance of Irena
Tarasova and the companionship of her family. The Russian State Human-
ities University (rggu) sponsored me as a scholar, and the Moscow Ro-
mani Theater generously allowed me access to the auditorium and back-
stage. Thanks there go to the Theater’s director, Nikolaj Slichenko. I want
to also thank musicians Lena and Oleg Novoselov in Perm, for all manner
of help there, and in Moscow, Alena Tsvetkova and Aleksej Uxlovskij.
Romologists Ian Hancock and Thomas Acton o√ered invaluable advice
and comments at many stages of research and writing. I want to convey my
deep gratitude to all the members of my dissertation committee at the Uni-
versity of Chicago for originally encouraging me in this project: Sheila Fitz-
patrick, Victor Friedman, Paul Friedrich, Michael Silverstein, and finally
Sharon Stephens, who is missed greatly. I much appreciate the labors of
others at the University of Chicago who read later drafts; they include
David Althshuler, Matti Bunzl, Keith Brown, Piya Chatterjee, Lauren
Derby, Kriszti Fehervary, Susan Gal, Anne Lorimer, Dale Pesmen, Cather-
ine O’Neil, Stephanie Platz, Katherine Trumpener, and Miklós Vörös.
Enormous thanks to all those who read chapters or papers: Marjorie Balzer,
Richard Handler, Caroline Humphrey, Valdemar Kalinin, Martha Lamp-
land, Maria Montoya, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Peter Rutland, Daniel Se-
gal, Michael Stewart, and Bonnie Urcioli. I am also indebted to commenta-
tors at conferences: Judith Irvine, Elizabeth Povinelli, Alfred Rieber, and
again Martha Lampland and Dan Segal. The participants of the 1995 Social
Science Research Council (ssrc) Summer Workshop in Soviet Studies
gave the work rigorous attention, and I thank most particularly Barbara
Anderson, Elena Ivanova, Michael Kennedy, and Yuri Slezkine. I am grate-
ful to the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of
Michigan, especially Jane Burbank, William Rosenberg, and Katherine Ver-
dery. Warm thanks go to participants in the Linguistic Anthropology lab at
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