figures 1 and 2.
William Woodville Rockhill, the
Tibetan ethnographer. 2
figure 3.
William Woodville Rockhill, the diplomat. 4
figure 4.
Gyalo Th ondup and Lhamo Tsering
en route to new lives in India. 104
figure 5.
Last roundup of the Tibetan Support
Project alumni. 128
figure 6.
Senator Mark Udall giving a speech
dedicating the memorial plaque at Camp Hale,
Colorado. 129
figure 7.
Th e memorial plaque honoring the
Tibetan Freedom Fighters. 130
figure 8.
Th e author with two old friends at the
memorial plaque ceremony. 131
figure 9.
Geshe Wangyal. 218
figure 10.
Th e Dalai Lama visits his old friend
Geshe Wangyal. 218
figure 11.
Th e Dalai Lama speaking from the
podium at Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. 220
figure 12.
Th e Dalai Lama with Congressman
Charlie Rose and Joel McCleary. 221
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