aquilla Silver drinking- vessel.
Audiencia Representatives of the Royal Court in the Americas;
after the viceroyalty, the most inclusive administrative
unit in the New World.
cabildo Town council or the council governing an indigenous
cacica Female hereditary chief, a member of the indigenous
cacicazgo Hereditary chiefdom.
cacique Male hereditary chief, a member of the indigenous
capilla posa One of four chapels located at the corners of the church
courtyard in some Latin American locations; see posa.
capitanía Section of a Muisca community; see also parcialidad.
casta Ethnic category used, in the colonial period, primarily
to refer to those of mixed descent.
cédula Royal decree.
criollo Settler of Spanish descent, born in the New World.
curaca Hereditary chief in southern Andean Quechua.
doctrina Village- level structure of Christian indoctrination.
encomendero/a Holder of a royal tribute grant.
encomienda Royal tribute grant given to individuals who performed
service to the Crown.
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