The publication of this volume was made possible by the support given by a
number of people and institutions during its long gestation. Institutions that
have lent their support to this publication and/or the research on which it is
based include the East-West Center’s Program on Environment, the seameo
Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (searca)
in Los Baños, Yale University’s School of Forestry and Council on Southeast
Asian Studies, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,
which generously funded this project by means of grants to Michael R. Dove
and Percy E. Sajise. The support of current and past MacArthur Foundation
sta√, including Kuswata Kartawinata, Dan Martin, and Judith Rayter, has
been invaluable to the project editors and directors.
The editors also acknowledge the permission of the Koninklijk Instituut
voor Taal-, Land en Volkenkunde to publish here M. R. Dove’s essay on non-
Western conceptions of sustainability, an earlier version of which was pub-
lished as ‘‘Living Rubber, Dead Land, and Persisting Systems in Borneo:
Indigenous Representations of Sustainability’’ in 1998 in the journal Bij-
dragen (154 [1]: 20–54); the permission of the journal Human Ecology to
publish here A. A. Doolittle’s essay on native customary rights, an earlier
version of which was published in 2001 as ‘‘From Village Land to ‘Native Re-
serve’: Changes in Property Rights in Sabah, 1950–1996’’ (29 [1]: 69–99); and
the permission of the journal Agricultural Systems to publish here Endah
Sulistyawati’s essay modeling the Kantu’ swidden system, an earlier version
of which was published with Ian R. Noble and Michael L. Roderick in 2005 as
‘‘A Simulation Model to Study Land Use Strategies in Swidden Agriculture
Systems’’ (85 [3]: 271–88). M. R. Dove is grateful to his research assistants
Caroline Simmonds, Yuliya Shmidt, and Katie Hawkes for their tireless work
on early drafts of the manuscript, and all of the editors are grateful to
Heather G. Salome of Metaglyfix for her work on the volume’s illustrations.
Thanks also are due to the students in the Carol Carpenter/Michael Dove
advanced seminar ‘‘Social Science of Development and Conservation: Ad-
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