play bilingual games with me. Maybe yo
play them, either actively or just by listening for
as language interrupts another. In that case
tation is to think together about why the games
for you and good for the country. For both veteran a
players, time out can go toward reflection about what
you haven’t yet been wondering about the ways that
ism can improve a range of private and public move
thetics, politics, and philosophy (not to mention bus
commerce)—let’s take some time out together. Wha
that an extra language, beyond a coordinating lingu
promotes personal development, fair procedure, and
education, while one-way assimilation derails progr
counts? Would you be curious about the arguments
haps willing to change your mind if bilingualism ha
irrelevant or even damaging? I hope you are willing, a
this book as an invitation to consider the cultural c
for fair and fulfilling contemporary life.
This book is about added value, not about remediat
than one language is a supplement, not a deficien
dangerous supplement to monolingualism, whether
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