Thanks to my teachers. Michael Davidson and Page duBois, my mentors from
the Department of Literature at the University of California–San Diego, have
been consistent supporters of this book. I am inspired by them and by other
feminist thinkers whose writings have taught me to envision politics beyond
the fear of death and the skin of the human: Octavia Butler, Lauren Berlant,
Mel Chen, Colin Dayan, Jack Halberstam, Donna Haraway, Lisa Lowe, Renisa
Mawani, Jasbir Puar, Denise Ferreira da Silva, and the late Rosemary Maran-
goly George. Special thanks to Cindy Burgett, Diana Davis, Ji-Yeon Yuh, and
Jillana Enteen, who nurtured my interests in literature and politics when I was
a high school student in Topeka, Kansas, and an undergraduate at Northwest-
ern University. Everything I know about power I learned from fellow activ-
ists working on international labor, animal, and antiwar campaigns; during
my time in Chicago, Jenny Abrahamian, Desiree Evans, Mischa Gaus, Dana
Lossia, Pete Micek, Chris Sherman, Jake Werner, and many others taught me
through shared struggle. My interests in health, medicine, and migration have
also been deeply shaped by the stories of my father, Sain Ahuja, and his ex-
periences as both a medical physicist and a refugee of the war of Indian par-
tition in 1947.
I could not have written this book without learning from brilliant gradu-
ate and undergraduate students including Aisha Anwar, Nicole Berland,
Laura Broom, Patrick Dowd, Adam Faircloth, Wayland Ferrell, Tegan George,
Amanda al-Rabaʾa, Kriti Sharma, Pavithra Vasudevan, Peter Warrington, and
L. Lamar Wilson. I also owe thanks to the many faculty colleagues who gave
me encouragement, feedback, or other support during the writing process:
Aimee Bahng, Colleen Boggs, Michael Davidson, Zulema Diaz, Page duBois,
Steven Epstein, Rebecka Fisher, Carla Freccero, Rosemary George, Min-
rose Gwin, Jennifer Ho, Julietta Hua, Alexandra Isfahani-Hammond, Jinah
Kim, Michael Lundblad, Tim Marr, John McGowan, Chandan Reddy, Peter
Redfield, Jamie Rosenthal, Ruth Salvaggio, Kyla Schuller, Nayan Shah, Ni-
tasha Sharma, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Kathryn Shevelow, Elizabeth Steeby,
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