e are especially grateful to the many people who
offered early feedback on our papers and pre-
sentations in the late 1990s: Vincanne Adams, Warwick
Anderson, Gay Becker (since deceased), Steve Epstein,
Carroll Estes, Eliot Freidson (since deceased), Donna
Haraway, Sharon Kaufman, Donald Light, Ginnie Ole-
sen, Howard Pinderhughes, Susan Leigh Star (since de-
ceased), Charis Thompson, and Stefan Timmermans.
We also thank those who helped circulate our collective
ideas by inviting one or all of us to discuss biomedical-
ization at various conferences. These are acknowledged
in our individual papers. Our gratitude to Brandee
Woleslagle Blank for her organizational and electronic
skills in preparing the book manuscript across several
submissions is immense. We also thank Amber Nelson
and Aleia Clark for compiling the index with skill and
alacrity. Last we deeply appreciate Ken Wissoker, Court-
ney Berger, and the truly terrific anonymous reviewers
for Duke University Press for seeing the merits of this
project and offering insightful guidance and abiding
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