appendix a
Transitory Article 55
President of the Republic of Colombia. The Political Constitution
of Colombia 1991. Bogotá, Colombia.
transitory article 55
Within two years of the approval of the new Constitution, the Congress will
elaborate and approve, based on a study to be conducted by a special commis-
sion to be created by the Government for such purpose, a law that recognizes the
collective property rights of black communities that have inhabited the empty
lands (tierras baldías) in the rural riparian zones of the Pacific coast, in accor-
dance with their traditional production practices. The area will be demarcated
by the same law.
Representatives of the black communities thus recognized will participate in
the special commission mentioned above.
The property recognized by this law is transferable only according to the
terms indicated by the law.
The same law will establish mechanisms for the protection of the cultural
identity and the rights of these communities, and to promote their economic
and social development.
paragraph 1
The terms of this article can apply to other zones of the country that are deter-
mined to have similar conditions based on the same procedure and prospective
studies and favorable consent of the special commission foreseen here.
paragraph 2
If at the expiration of the term indicated by this article the Congress has not
promulgated the law to which it refers, the Government will do so within six
months through norm with the force of law.
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