appendix b
Law 70 of 1993: Outline and Salient Features
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Chapter 1
—Recognize the black communities of Colombia as
an ethnic group.
—Establish mechanisms to protect their cultural
identity and promote their social and economic
—Recognize their rights to collective ownership
of the tierras baldías, or vacant lands in the rural,
riparian zones of the Pacific. This right to collec-
tive  property also applies to other black commu-
nities  that live in similar conditions and manage
their lands using traditional practices of produc-
tion  (Articles 1, 2, 4–18).
Definitions The following terms are defined in Article 2:
—Pacific basin
—Rivers of the Pacific basin
—Rural riparian zones
—Tierras baldías, or vacant lands
—Black community
—Collective occupation
—Traditional practices of production
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