Black . . . A Color? A Kaleidoscope!
christiane taubira, member of the french national
assembly, deputy from guiana
What must we remind the world?
That we are its majority.
That we resemble those who populate every continent.
That with a joyous deceit, we know how to take on the guise—even
to the extent of averting our eyes—of those who could be born any-
where in the world. This extraordinary gift terrorized the inventors of
the infamous one-drop rule.
However, it was and still is nothing more than a demonstration that
we, Black women, are alchemists, forever possessing the secret of the
unexpected, capable of transforming the sordid sap of rape into beauty
and grace. Purifying improbable love. Ennobling the fleeting or subter-
ranean passions resisted by the plantation slaveowner. Offering thus to
the world a diversity that men could never have imagined. And, in so
doing, fleeing the madness of this world of indescribable violence.
What is left to say to the world?
That we are not dupes. Neither are we naive. Nor are we stupefied
by the absurdities of a religious indoctrination embroidered with do-
cility, submission, resignation; absolving servitude; forgiving of subor-
dination; promising heaven as recompense. That we know what was
the vicious circle of the collusion of the sword, the Church, the scale,
and the scourge, at the service of the most common and widespread of
That if we have resorted to rancor, resentment, revenge, retribution,
it is neither through candor nor holiness, neither with joy, nor without
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