Collections of this nature that are the result of conference proceed-
ings result always and in all ways from the collective support and labor
of a range of individuals. We begin by thanking everyone who made
possible the ‘‘France Noire—Black France: The History, Poetics, and
Politics of Blackness’’ conference that took place in Paris on June 6–7,
2008. In particular, we must thank and acknowledge our co-organizer
of this event, Marcus Bruce, whose unfailing encouragements to per-
severe, particularly at those precise moments when spirits and re-
sources were in very low supply, are beyond measure. Trica would like
to additionally express her highest appreciation to Tyler Stovall for his
inspiration and kindness throughout this journey, indeed adventure,
and who epitomized the essence of being a scholar. Tracy and Tyler
are both very grateful to Trica Keaton whose boundless energy and
exacting standards of scholarship have made this book a wonderful
reality. While interest in this conference was exceptionally high, insuf-
ficient funding constantly plagued our efforts, nearly to the brink of
this event’s demise. It is for this reason that we are especially indebted
to Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, without whose financial support, gener-
ously offered at a critical time of need, this conference simply would
not have happened. We were additionally elated by Tracy’s acceptance
of our invitation to be a co-editor of this volume when Marcus was
unable to assume that role. We extend our thanks to Fred Constant for
his marvelous tenacity and support in securing the esteemed Member
of the French Parliament and Députée de la Guyane Christiane Tau-
bira as our keynote speaker, who delivered what was simply a brilliant
address. And, we would be remiss in failing to thank Dominic Thomas
for his kindhearted cyber-sharing of his time and social capital in the
early stages of this event. Allow us to acknowledge as well Danielle
Haase-Dubosc, then executive director of Reid Hall and Columbia
University’s Institute for Scholars, and Marcus Bruce, who was a fel-
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